Healthy food - guarantee of life

The story of Kayser Fleischerei started in 1998.
Around that time, TBD Anduud Ltd. invited German food and meat specialist Mr. Siegfried Kayser to the department store opening and the sausage production beginning.
Since May 2011, TBD Anduud Ltd. and Erdenet Progress Ltd. made a joint venture investment and Kayser Fleischerei Ltd. was established.
The German mentor's name was chosen in company name as an expression of respect for him.
Fully equipped with Italian, German, British and Russian machinery, the production capacity is at 400-1000 kg meat and meat products per day. The consumer can expect that the variety of sausages and semi-finished meat products are made by German spices and traditional recipes and are supervised by our German technologist.
Or main customers include foreign embassies, restaurants, hotels, mining companies and shopping centers.
We supply superior quality and service.